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Winter Weather Information

To Royal School District Parents & Students:

If schools are delayed or closed because of bad weather there will be an announcement on the following stations; if there are no announcements school is open.

There will also be updates in the upper-left column of each of the schools websites, above the menus.


FM Radio:
Q-6 News Spokane
KONA 105.3 FM - Light Rock
KXLY News 4 Spokane
KWIQ 100.3 FM - Country
KIMA 29 Spokane
(will air on KEPR)
KZHR 92.5 FM Español


In poor weather we will leave the bus shop 15 minutes earlier In the morning to pick up students.
If roads become un-passable parents may be asked to bring students to a safer stop or to school until roads clear.

Drivers will instruct students on time changes in bad weather.

If you call the Transportation Department 509-346-2252 after 6 a.m. there will be a recording announcing if school is on time, delayed 2 hours, or closed. (The phone is usually busy so it is easier to listen to the radio or t.v. stations shown above).

In bad weather we are out of the office removing snow, starting buses, and checking if buildings are warm.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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