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Royal FFA at the Grant County Fair

Our new FFA Director, Jared Finch, did a great job leading the Royal FFA members at the Grant County Fair last week.

Here are the results reported by Mr. Finch:

Carcass Pig Contest:  Aliyah Finch's Pig Placed 1st in the live placing and 2nd overall after the carcass was graded.

Market Swine:  Katelynn Ross 2nd in her class, Hunter Booth 3rd in his class, Ty Miller 5th in his class, Chase Janett 2nd in his class, Tucker Janett 3rd in his class, Jace Allred 5th in his class, Treyton Booth 6th in his class, Kaylee Janett 6th in her class, Shelby Eckenburg 5th in her class, Aliyah Finch 2nd in her class. Colin Miller 1st in the light weight class.

Market Sheep:  Raylie Wardenaar 8th in her class and JC Worsham 3rd in his class

Swine Fitting and Showing:  Everyone received a blue ribbon.  Kaylee Janett and Ty miller received a call back for the finals in the Junior/Senior division.  Aliyah Finch and Tucker Janett received a call back for the finals in the Freshman/Sophomore division.  Aliyah Finch won Grand Champion in that division.

Sheep Fitting and Showing: Raylie Wardenaar received a call back in the Freshman/Sophomore division.

Round Robin:  The Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing from all species show the other animals in their age bracket.  Aliyah Finch won the Freshman/Sophomore division.

Horse Judging: 2nd Place Team  Aliyah Finch (5th), Hunter Booth (6th), Treyton Booth (8th), Shelby Eckenburg(7th), and Katlynn Ross

Tractor Driving: 2nd Place Team Ty Miller(6th), Colin Miller (5th), Hunter Booth(8th), Treyton Booth

Jamboree: 3rd Place Team Kaylee Janett, Colin Miller, Ty Miller, Raylie Wardenaar, Aliyah Finch

Sweepstakes: 2nd Place Royal FFA



Chris Hill

Royal Activities Director

Message from Roger Trail, Superintendent

Dear Royal Community, Families and Patrons,

 It’s almost time for our students to return to the classroom this fall and our staff has been hard at work in preparation for the upcoming school-year.  All of our vacant classroom positions have been filled and we are gearing up for the arrival of our students.  In this letter, I would like to share some information with you regarding the top two priorities of the Royal School District:

 Student Safety-  Student safety is the number one priority of our district.  We pride ourselves in doing everything in our power to provide emotional and physical safety.   We will continue to deliver training to our staff in order to foster a safe environment for everyone including drills, on-line training and experts who visit our campus to provide support and guidance in this area.  Additionally, it is our aim to provide a physically safe environment.

 The Royal Intermediate School has been a great example of a physically safe environment.  We have received positive feedback regarding our secure entrance as well as other safety features in that building.  While the intermediate school is currently the only building with state-of-the-art safety features, we have plans to move in the direction of providing all of our buildings with safer entrances.  As you may know, Red Rock Elementary is currently undergoing a complete modernization project.  Thanks to our conservative planning and insurance settlement from the 2017, we were able to apply our savings to state-match funding. This allowed us to move forward with a $15.8 million project without the need to request additional funding from the community through a bond.  Within the scope of the project, Red Rock will be updated with safety features comparable to those of the intermediate school. We are looking have this project completed in the fall of 2019.  Moreover, we are currently examining potential solutions to enhance safety features at the middle school and high school.

 Student Learning- We were very pleased to see many signs of improvement reflected through our state assessment scores.  Our teachers will continue to be provided with collaboration time so they can work together to implement best practices as they relate to student learning.  Late-Start Mondays will continue this year in order to provide the much needed collaboration time for our staff.  Please refer to your school calendars regarding Late-Start Monday dates.  Our calendar is also available on the web-site.

 I truly believe we have all the pieces in place to make this year better than ever and I look forward to greeting our students as they arrive on our campus and take the next steps toward an excellent education.

 Go Knights!

Roger W. Trail


Due to the unhealthy air quality, all High School Sports will be moved into the gym. Due to that change open gym tonight is cancelled.

 Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you,
Chris Hill
Royal Activities Director

Unhealthy Air Quality

Due to the air quality Cross Country practice will be moved into the High School Gym at 3:30 pm today and Football practice will be moved into the High School Gym at 6 pm tonight.


Thank you,
Chris Hill
Royal Activities Director

Unhealthy Air Conditions

Due to the unhealthy conditions associated with the air quality, Royal School District will be monitoring the air quality closely and changing any outdoor activities as needed. 

Throughout the week, we will continue to monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI - web-site provided below) in order to determine whether activities will take place outdoors. As long as the AQI levels are at the “unhealthy” level, outdoor activities will either be moved indoors, re-scheduled or cancelled depending on the nature of the activity.  We will also follow guidelines provided to us by the Grant County Health District. 

As always please follow the recommendations of your health care provider should you have additional concerns.


Athletic Director, Chris Hill is constantly monitoring air quality levels to make any changes needed during practices. We will send out a notification on our web-site as well as our Facebook page to update you on changes made


For further information regarding athletics, please feel free to contact the athletic department at (509)346-2256 ext:3950


Red Rock Elementary Modernization Kick-Off Ceremony

The Royal School District will be holding a ceremony on August 20, 2018 at 5:00pm to initiate the modernization project.  Rather than a traditional ground-breaking ceremony, the Board will kick off the project by demolishing a wall with sledge hammers.  Please join at Red Rock Elementary as we take the next steps to improve Red Rock and make it a safer place for our students and staff. 

Refreshments will be provided.

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