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Royal FFA at the Grant County Fair

Our new FFA Director, Jared Finch, did a great job leading the Royal FFA members at the Grant County Fair last week.

Here are the results reported by Mr. Finch:

Carcass Pig Contest:  Aliyah Finch's Pig Placed 1st in the live placing and 2nd overall after the carcass was graded.

Market Swine:  Katelynn Ross 2nd in her class, Hunter Booth 3rd in his class, Ty Miller 5th in his class, Chase Janett 2nd in his class, Tucker Janett 3rd in his class, Jace Allred 5th in his class, Treyton Booth 6th in his class, Kaylee Janett 6th in her class, Shelby Eckenburg 5th in her class, Aliyah Finch 2nd in her class. Colin Miller 1st in the light weight class.

Market Sheep:  Raylie Wardenaar 8th in her class and JC Worsham 3rd in his class

Swine Fitting and Showing:  Everyone received a blue ribbon.  Kaylee Janett and Ty miller received a call back for the finals in the Junior/Senior division.  Aliyah Finch and Tucker Janett received a call back for the finals in the Freshman/Sophomore division.  Aliyah Finch won Grand Champion in that division.

Sheep Fitting and Showing: Raylie Wardenaar received a call back in the Freshman/Sophomore division.

Round Robin:  The Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing from all species show the other animals in their age bracket.  Aliyah Finch won the Freshman/Sophomore division.

Horse Judging: 2nd Place Team  Aliyah Finch (5th), Hunter Booth (6th), Treyton Booth (8th), Shelby Eckenburg(7th), and Katlynn Ross

Tractor Driving: 2nd Place Team Ty Miller(6th), Colin Miller (5th), Hunter Booth(8th), Treyton Booth

Jamboree: 3rd Place Team Kaylee Janett, Colin Miller, Ty Miller, Raylie Wardenaar, Aliyah Finch

Sweepstakes: 2nd Place Royal FFA



Chris Hill

Royal Activities Director

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