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Royal School District (RSD) Negotiations with REA (Teachers’ Union)

Background about Royal School District (RSD) Negotiations with REA (Teachers’ Union)


1)      The state has allocated $65,216 for each teacher in Royal School District that the state provides funding for in 2018-19. 

2)      The District’s current offer exceeds the state’s allocation with total average compensation of $67,028.  The Royal School District’s total average pay for 2017-2018 was $59,300.  The District’s proposal constitutes a 13% increase in compensation.

3)      Including the District’s current offer, the total increase in pay over two years (17-18 & 18-19) would exceed 20% (teacher compensation increased 7.28% in 2017-18).

4)      The District is applying new salary funding, resulting from the McCleary decision, to teachers’ pay.

5)      The last REA proposal for total compensation stands at a 33% increase over 2017-18 and would total over 40% including 2017-18.  This also exceeds the 2018-2019 state salary limitations in SB 6362.  


Note:  When reviewing the links to the current proposals below, please be aware that CCL means “Current Contract Language” which is a request to maintain the contract language as it stands.  The Acronym AIC stands for “Agreement in Concept”.  Proposed changes to contract language are shown by underlining language that would be new and striking through language proposed for deletion.

RSD Initial Proposal REA Bargaining 884.32 KB

RSD Reponse REA Proposal519.51 KB

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