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Senior Project Deadlines

June of Junior Year: WOIS Test and Career Research
Take the career test and print out career information.

June/August: First Job Shadow
Interview someone with your chosen career and type questions and answers.

September/December: Resume
A brief description of your skills, previous jobs, references, schooling, and future career goals.

September: High School and Beyond Education Plan
An outlined plan of goals to accomplish and what classes to take during high school and what classes you will need to take in college for your career.

October: Personal Statement
A five-paragraph statement about you and your experiences with your chosen career.

November: Cover Letter
A letter asking for a job for your career of your choice.

December: College Application
Apply to the college of your choice.

December: Scholarship Application
Apply to any scholarship that can help you pay for college.

January: Career Research
Get information on your chosen career.

January: Job Application
Fill out an application for the career you have chosen to do your senior project on.

January: Second Job Shadow
Interview someone with your chosen career and type questions and answers.

January: Four Letters of Recommendation
Letters from people you have worked for. They write a letter saying how well you worked and the work you have done for them.

March: Power Point Presentation
A draft of the career you have chosen for your senior project that meets the rubric.

2014 DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED: Community Power Point Presentation
All seniors will present on their given days to the board.

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