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Royal High Senior Project Safety Guidelines

The intent of the Senior Project is to allow high school students the opportunity for experiential learning that does not take place in the classroom. Safety is of paramount concern and we want our students to succeed in their choice of project, and to remain within the standards of safety that the District uses to evaluate all activities.

  • No illegal activities will be approved.
  • All coaching must be done under the supervision of a certified coach and through a sponsoring group, such as league or club.
  • All District policies must be followed.

Washington School Risk Management Activity Avoidance List:

  • No on-the-water/underwater projects
  • No above-the-ground projects
  • No mountain climbing, extreme snowboarding, or extreme skiing or instruction of the above
  • No roller-blading or skateboarding
  • No use of weapons or making of weapons
  • No racing or any motorized vehicle or boat
  • No paint balling
  • No debate topics, or re-used business projects
  • No horses

The Washington Schools Risk Management provides no coverage for the following activities:

  • Air or flight activities: Airplane flying, hang gliding, helicopters, hot air balloons, parachuting and sky diving.
  • Motorized races and contests: Auto racing, demolition contests, soapbox and go-cart races, stunting and tractor pulls.
  • White water rafter and jet skies: The use of any raft, tube, or other vessel used for navigating white water streams, and any jet ski or other similar motorized personal watercraft designed to carry two or fewer persons.

High Risk Activities to Avoid:

  • Water Activities: Canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, power boat racing, private swimming pools, swimming in lakes and rivers, scuba diving, watercraft activities (except for a ferryboat ride or itís a properly insured commercial passenger boat is used.), water skiing, water slides, and water parks.
  • Animal Activities: Donkey basketball, horse riding, pack animal trips, saddle animals, snake-handling, stray domestic animals (dogs, hamsters, etc.), birds, un-caged wild animals.
  • Athletics not WIAA-approved: High-impact aerobics, archery, martial arts, rugby, mud or Jell-O wrestling, powder puff football, skiing (both snow and water), snowboarding, skating, inline roller skating, roller blading, roller or ice-skating at rinks and skateboarding, that are not part of an approved PE class.
  • Wilderness activities: Mountain climbing, spelunking (cave exploring), rappelling, wilderness survival, and search and rescue class.

Other Miscellaneous Activities to Avoid:

  • Bonfires
  • Building houses, boats, or cars
  • Building or firing rockets
  • Glass blowing
  • Haunted Houses
  • Having a car wash where students use toxic chemicals, or any activities where students mix chemicals
  • Having an after school open gym
  • Paint balling
  • Running on or near the road, or wilderness trails
  • Shooting off firecrackers
  • Using firearms of any type
  • Using trampolines
  • Private Parties

If you have a question about the safety of your proposed project, please see your Senior CWP Teacher or the administrator for Senior Projects before you begin your project.

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