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The District and the Royal Education Association bargaining teams reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement on October 6, 2014.  The final agreement is being pulled together and will be posted when ready.  The Board of Directors will consider the tentative agreement for ratification if the Association ratifies it.


Both parties have filed Unfair Labor Practice Complaints with PERC.  Below are all documents related to the filings.

REA Unfair Labor Practice Complaint - 2/28/14

Notice of Partial Deficiency - 3/11/14

Revise/Amended Statement of Facts - 3/27/14

Preliminary Ruling - 4/1/14

Answer of Respondent Royal School District - 4/22/14

RSD Unfair Labor Practice Complaint - 7/31/14

Notice of Case Filing - 8/1/14

Preliminary Ruling - 8/13/14

Assignment Letter - 8/15/14


Royal Education Association has filed 7 grievances against the District.  Below are the copies of the grievances as well as responses to the grievances by the Board of Directors.

Secondary Schedule Grievance - 3/6/14

Secondary Schedule Board Response - 4/23/14

Substitute Pay Grievance - 3/6/14

Substitute Pay Board Response - 4/23/14

Contact With Former Association Leaders Grievance - 3/17/14

Contact With Former Association Leaders Board Response - 4/23/14

Calendar Grievance - 4/15/14

Calendar Board Response - 6/6/14

Timely Records Grievance - 6/3/14

Timely Records Amended Grievance - 6/16/14

Timely Records Board Response - 7/14/14

Failure to Provide Records - 7/9/14