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Bill Thompson announcement picjpg Page1jpg Page1October 31, 2017

Superintendent Trail and the Royal Board of Directors are pleased to announce the hiring of Bill Thompson as the Interim Special Education Coordinator/ School Psychologist.

Mr. Thompson has extensive experience throughout the k-12 school system in both leadership and special education positions. He possesses a strong background and in-depth experience in all facets of special education.   Mr. Thompson has already begun to develop positive relationships with staff and students as he takes on his new role within the Royal School District.

Welcome Mr. Thompson!

A Message to the Royal Community Regarding Ongoing Negotiations with the
Royal Education Association (REA)

The District has received various inquiries regarding the progress of negotiations with the teachers’ union, REA.  In order to respond carefully and consistently to those inquiries, we are providing the following information regarding the District’s view of the status of negotiations:

The District has met several times with REA (Royal Education Association) in attempt to come to a fair and equitable agreement.  We began with more than forty proposals and through negotiations, we believe we have narrowed the remaining items to only a few. The District has found the conversations professional and productive.  While we have been encouraged by our progress thus far, we have recently entered into a mutual agreement to begin the mediation process.  We believe that mediation is the next step to problem solving and look forward to a successful outcome.  Mediation is a state-funded process available to all public employers and public-sector unions to provide neutral assistance in reaching a final agreement.  The mediator cannot force either side to agree, but can provide insights about a reasonable resolution of bargaining.  

The following information is a summary of the District’s most recent offer on significant remaining topics, given to the REA on October 11, 2017.  Should you be interested in reviewing the proposal in more detail, please feel free to click on the links to the PDF documents below.  It may be helpful to know that AIC means “agreed in concept,” items that are AIC are highlighted in yellow in the linked document, the District’s proposals are in red type.  Proposals for new language are shown as underlined, proposals to delete language are shown with strike-through.  In cases where the District is declining all or part of a proposal for new language, you will see underlined language with strike-through in the linked document.

1. Contracts/Workday/Payment – Length of Contract (Page 13) – The District’s latest offer in this area includes the following

  • Addition of two days of deemed done time
  • Converts two days of time-carded work to deemed done time
  • Through a Memorandum of understanding (MOU), adds 3 additional days for training in June.

2. When converting to a percentage, the additional pay (including a cost of living adjustment of 2.3%, additional money to the insurance pool and 4th quarter pay for grading) is equivalent to a 5.3% increase. So far, both parties have agreed to a one-year contract. 

3. Probation language– The District has proposed to clarify language as it relates to employees placed on probation. (Pages 46-49)

4. Planning Time/Duty Free Lunch –The District has offered to work together with REA to develop a solution to resolve issues surrounding indoor recess and the interruption of planning time. (Page 54)

5. Recess/Bus Duty – A REA addresses time spent on recess and bus duty. The District has respectfully declined this proposal. (Page 54)

6. Late Starts: The District has countered the REA proposal regarding late student starts for professional collaboration with an MOU for fourteen, one-hour late starts on Mondays beginning in January of 2018.  (Page 55)

7. Employee Work Calendar – The REA has a proposed to add to the section regarding the start of the school year. The District has respectfully declined. (Page 57)

RSD- MOU183.88 KB

RSD Package Proposal735.88 KB


   On Saturday October 28th The Royal High School Chamber Choir participated in the Washington State University Educational Choral Festival in Pullman, WA. The WSU School of Music sponsors the annual event each Fall to excite, encourage, and educate students, developing a spirit of camaraderie and commitment. Each participating choir has the opportunity to perform in Kimbrough Concert Hall and work exclusively with WSU choral professors. Singers are encouraged to try new ideas, work towards high musical standards and towards their goals.

            At the conclusion of the festival, students are treated to performances by the WSU choirs as well as encore performances from the top four participating choirs, chosen by the choral faculty of WSU. The RHS Chamber Choir has participated in this event for the past five years and have always performed well, however for the first time, the RHS Chamber Choir was selected as one of the top four choirs and had the opportunity to perform again for an auditorium filled with students from schools all over Washington and Idaho as well as the music faculty of WSU.  Also selected were Rogers HS from Spokane, Moses Lake HS, and Lindberg HS from Renton. Being recognized as a high performing group was a great honor and the Chamber Choir students represented Royal High School incredibly well. 


 IMG 4899

Dear Royal parents and guardians,

 Due to unanticipated scheduling conflicts, the District will not be able to offer evening conferences during the week of November 6th.  Conferences will be held from 12:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday.   If you are unable to attend conferences during the day, please contact your student's teachers to arrange a time.  For additional information, please communicate with your students’ schools.

 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Students are getting ready for Red Ribbon Week 2017 - this year's theme is: “Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free.” At school, students will engage in activities that promote a drug free and healthy lifestyle.  Please partner with us and discuss this message at home, at the dinner table, at family outings and with friends and extended family.  Ask your child to show you the flyer he/she received from school about Red Ribbon Week.

Here is what we are doing at each of the buildings:

Red Rock:
Students will be read books about staying drug free and healthy.
They will  be dressing up each day!

Students will watch a video and engage in discussions about healthy, drug free ways to lead a fun and active lifestyle.
They will also be dressing up each day!

Dress up days for Red Rock and Royal Intermediate:

Monday: “Lei off Drugs”-Hawaiian Clothing

Tuesday: “Drugs make me Crazy”- Crazy Hair and Socks

Wednesday: “Be a friend not a bully”- wear Orange clothing

Thursday: “Too smart for drugs”- dress like a teacher

Friday: “I pledge to be drug free”- wear red, white and blue.

Monday: “Team up against drugs”- wear your favorite sports jersey

Tuesday- ‘Say BOO to drugs”- wear your Halloween Costume.

Students will learn about the harmful effects of medication abuse or drug use on the human brain.  They will also be encouraged to take a pledge to stay drug free.

Spirit Week: 

Monday is Pajama Day.  Get comfortable with saying "No" to drugs.

Tuesday is Twin Day.  Dress up as your best friend and be a positive influence!

Wednesday is Unity Day.  Wear orange to unite against bullying!

Thursday is Baby Day.  Reflect back when life was simple and dress like a baby.

Friday is Halloween.  Wear your Halloween costume for the dance and have fun, drug free!

Royal High School looks forward to extra doses of honoring our SHIELD commitments  of Service, Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, and Determination.

Tuesday: " Spread Kindness"
That morning there will be a table with sticky notes to which the students will be able to write nice messages on them and stick them on people's lockers.

Wednesday: " Anti- Bullying"
There will be a unity day video. Student and staff are encouraged to wear orange. If you go above and beyond, you will get a prize. During lunch, you will receive a cutie if you sign a pledge on a piece of paper and then connect it with others, forming a chain.

Thursday: "Say NO to drugs"
Thursday Morning there will be a poster in the commons. Students can sign it to receive bracelets and stickers. Students and staff are encouraged to wear red on Thursday.


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